“I am going to climb to the top”, Penninah declares, “Because I have to go and speak”.

Travelling from Bukadea, in Eastern Uganda, Penninah is a 48-year-old smallholder farmer. She and her sisters across Africa have used their voices to light a spark, and the gathering at Mount Kilimanjaro is the fire that that spark created.

On October 10th, women from across the hundreds of rural farms that pepper the African continent will join together in an act of solidarity to ascend the mountain and ascend the movement for women’s rights.

The Situation

Owning land opens a world of opportunity for women

Many women farmers in Africa are denied the basic right to own land. In fact, women own just 1% of Africa’s land despite being the main providers of food for millions of people on the continent.

When barriers are broken, women transform their lives

Women in rural communities across Africa are coming together, with ActionAid’s support, to learn about their rights and collectively develop and exchange skills, in farming and business, to be able to support themselves and their families.

Skills and confidence are contagious

Women have broken barriers to empower themselves and are now leading local movements for women’s land rights. ActionAid is supporting these women, who are now calling on the world to get behind them.

The Journey

ActionAid have partnered with Intrepid Travel to support the rural women of Africa in their historic climb for women’s land rights, and you can join them on this epic adventure! These women will move mountains this October (9th-16th) as they demand their land rights from their governments and world leaders from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro.

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